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 Advocacy: tips for working with your administrator

Image by William White


  • Use your school partners. Ask if there are community partners or parent volunteers that may assist you.

  • Perform for local community partners. Schedule a virtual or in person performance for the local adult care facility, or your schools’ business sponsors.

Image by Rachel Coyne

Event Planning

  • Make your program seen! Involve yourself in other school events.

  • Be prepared! There is no better advocacy than well-planned, high quality student performances.



  • Approach with grace. Administrators are pulled in many directions and may not see the issue.

  • Offer to make the schedule! Specials are often the hardest item to schedule. Administrators may appreciate the assistance.

invite to a lesson

Invite your administrator to come watch a successful lesson. It will make them happy, just like it makes you and your students happy.


  • Come to the table with a problem AND a suggested solution.

  • Repeat back your administrator’s concern: “So I hear you saying that you want me to communicate with parents more often, is that right?”

school newsletter

Offer to help with School Newsletter or other regular communiques by providing content.

Share your tips

Share strategies or ideas that have worked at your school. We will collect them and add all the ideas back here as we get them.

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