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 Advocacy: tips for community engagement

Open For Business

Look for Partners

  • Businesses love to support schools. Some businesses even target arts.

  • Find Arts Organizations in your community and ask how you can work together to promote the arts.

Childrens Show

Look for Local Performance Opportunity

  • You can easily perform in person at a local business or care facility. But remember you can also perform virtually using FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, or any other online meeting platform!

  • Perform your concert at a local middle school or high school.

Opera Workshop for Beginners

Schedule an Articulation Performance

  • Work with the middle and high schools to schedule a themed performance, such as Veteran’s Day or Music in Our Schools Month. Your articulation will improve and the community will love to see the growth across age groups.

Create a blog

On the blog you can introduce yourself and keep your parents updated on the things your are teaching in class, as well as upcoming performance opportunities. You can add pictures, songs, activities and more. Ask scholls in your feeder chain to guest blog and share information.

Parents involvement

  • Get Your Parents Involved

    • Call on your supportive parents to assist with concerts.

    • Print our concert advocacy pages to encourage parents to support the arts in the community.

school newsletter

Contribute to your schools Newsletter every month. Keep music in the mix of what's happening on your campus and in your community.

Highlight Business Partners Here!

Share your tips

Share strategies or ideas that have worked at your school. We will collect them and add all the ideas back here as we get them.

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