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 Advocacy: tips for parent engagement

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A Printable to Wear Home

Give students a sticker with an encouraging comment, and/or a card that states what they were learning during their music rotation. I am adding a sticker template that I created for your convenience

Working from Home

A Web Presence 

Participate in your schools website. I was really impressed with this music teacher's contribution to his schools website. This is the link so you can check it out too. 

Ralya Music

Hand Writing

Power of the Pen

Write a handwritten encouraging note for each child before the end of the quarter. This would mean I would write something for 2 and sometimes 3 students per class. I am going to create a printed postcard with a generic message, and personalize with a handwritten comment.

Create a blog

On the blog you can introduce yourself and keep your parents updated on the things your are teaching in class, as well as upcoming performance opportunities. You can add pictures, songs, activities and more.


Positive parent communication is key at the beginning of the school year.
Create a phone message to all parents in your school (our school district has parent link) to introduce your special areas team. Each area can say something to welcome the families and express their joy in having the students back at school.

school newsletter

Contribute to your schools Newsletter every month. Keep music in the mix of what's happening on your campus and in your community.

Share your tips

Share strategies or ideas that have worked at your school. We will collect them and add all the ideas back here as we get them.

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