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Supporting Our Members with Scholarships and Grants


Each year the application process for scholarships and grants opens February 15th. Members qualify after their third year of membership and are invited to apply for either or both programs. Applications are due March 15th and winners are announced on April 1.Recipients share their experience and learning at the following year's FEMEA Curriculum Fair. Awardees may reapply after a 5 year waiting period.

2022 Janice Lancaster Scholarship Winners.png
2022 Janice Lancaster Scholarship Winners.png

Janice Lancaster Professional Development

Elementary Music Educators are constantly evolving and developing their skills throughout their careers. FEMEA is proud to support this initiative with scholarships to help off-set the cost of this training. The scholarships are funded by our annual Basket Bash Raffle at the January Conference. Since 2010 we have awarded over $14,800 in awards to member teachers!

Want to take an Orff Level Training? World Music Drummin?, Kodaly or Feierabend Training? Pay for graduate studies? Attend a music education conference? FEMEA will award  scholarships based on the proceeds of Basket Bash to members for use toward professional development of the members’ choices. Applications taken in February of each year.

Dorothy Land Grant.png

Dorothy Land Music Classroom Grant

FEMEA is dedicated to supporting elementary music teachers and their students. Member teachers submit grant applications in the Spring to fund a project form implematation in the following fall.The purpose is to encourage teachers to develop projects that promote research, creative teaching and innovation, and exemplary models of teaching in the elementary music classroom. Click here for more information.

Dorothy Land Grant.png
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