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All-State Orff Ensemble

Students of FEMEA members are eligible to audition for this elite performing ensemble. Only the top students from around the state are selected!

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  • New round to sing, “America, America” (tune of “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home”)

  • As we did last year, no Recorder as part of the audition

  • One mallet piece with assigned sticking for the introduction

  • Streamlined rubric to focus on the skills to be judged based on member feedback

A message from the coordinators:

We want your participation in this process to be successful. The information we are sharing here is simply to get you started on preparing your students for the audition. The downloadable packet will be released by August 1st and that packet has critical information to help you conduct your auditions with ease and validity. You must take time to READ with comprehension what is required. You must follow all procedures, which will require preparation on your part. If you have questions after reading, please contact the All-State Orff Co-Coordinators, Lisa Hewitt and Rosemary Pilonero at  

Click here for Recording Directions and Submission Requirements

The packet linked above contains information on preparing and submitting student auditions. Close attention to detail and compliance with policy and procedure are required for acceptance for adjudication.

Click link above and use  this worksheet to help you gather the data you will need to enter your students' audition information.


Paperwork Deadline


Accepted Students List

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Materials Fees Deadline

Lisa Hewitt.png

Lisa Hewitt, Coordinator

Email with any questions you have about All-State Orff Ensemble

RosemaryPilonero2018Headshot (1).jpg

Rosemary Pilonero, Coordinator

Email with any questions you have about All-State Orff Ensemble

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