Due to the upcoming COVID 19 classroom restrictions towards guest, intern, and student teachers, the FEMEA board would like to extend an invite to ALL Florida collegiate students this fall to be a part of the first ever FEMEA Collegiate Connection. Using our new FEMEAmember.org professional development website, collegiate students can post elementary lesson videos of their creation. The FEMEA board will help facilitate these videos getting into the hands of elementary students throughout the state. 


Regardless of COVID related closures, pre-inservice and final inservice collegiate students still need to record contact hours with the student population of Florida. By creating elementary focused lesson videos, FEMEA can help facilitate authentic music instruction virtually. The process for collegiate students will be as follows:

  • Design, plan, and record a video lesson that applies to specific state standard(s) for elementary music. 

  • Upload the video, the lesson plan, and any other supplemental materials they may needed for the lesson to the collegiate connections form on the FEMEAmember.org website. 

  • FEMEA will help match the videos to FEMEA members' classrooms to be used during instruction. The teacher or the “mentor” who uses the video with their students will contact the collegiate student. 

  • The FEMEA “mentor” will either record their students performing the lesson or schedule a live virtual session with that collegiate student so they can see their lesson in action. The FEMEA “mentor” will provide basic feedback to the collegiate student. 

  • Any necessary contact hour forms can be emailed directly to the FEMEA “mentor” teacher.